Our Service List

Dog Grooming
Bath & Tidy

This includes our "squeaky clean" machine washing station. This machine gets down to the skin through the pets skin to carefully remove all dirt. Ears cleaned, nails cut and dremel, and anal glands expressed.

Bath & Tidy with Trim

This includes all of our Bath & Tidy Services plus trimming of legs/face.

BB Facila


Brushing of pet teeth

It is important to keep your pets teeth clean. We use a disposable brush and provide you one to take home for future teeth care.

Clip, File

Clip, File, Polish

Complete Strip

This includes all of our Bath & Tidy Services and shaving the hair per breed requirements.


Specialized designed shampoo, conditioner, and tools designed for dematting.* *At any time we reserve the right to stop the service if the animal will be hurt in any way.

Dog Full Groom pattern

Includes all of our Bath & Tidy, Pet Trim, and scissoring to owner/breed specifications.

Dog Nail Trim

Includes clipping of nails and then dremeled to ensure they are smooth and round.

First Puppy Trim

This includes the Bathy & Tidy service and some limited trimming. You want to be careful based on bread and age of puppy to ensure the hair comes in appropriately. However it is important to get your puppy use to professional grooming early.

Flea Shampoo

This is a add on service using special shampoo to address the Flea issue on your pet.

Full brush out of Dog or Cat.

Furminator Treatment

A service provided for those breads that need additional hair removal. We suggest you add onto your Bath & Tidy a specialized shampoo & conditioner specifically for shedding.


Nail polish $6-$10

Nails, pads and ears

In between your regular scheduled grooming usually done monthly.

Pickup and Delivery

We offer this service for clients who are busy with their schedules. A agreement will be made for specific transportation of your pet to and from our shop. This is an additional fee above and beyond the service you are requesting.

Providing deskunking services

In the case of a "SKUNK" encounter we provide a specialized shampoo and process to remove the odor.

Regular Pattern for Dog Breed

This includes the Bath & Tidy service and the industry standard of your breed cut.

Special Conditioner Request

Special Shampoo Request

Tail or ears

Cat Grooming
Cat Bath & Brush

Cat Demat

Using specially designed tools specific for "DEMAT". It is important to use the right tool to keep your pet safe.

Cat nail trim

Cat nail trim using clippers.

Cat/Lion Cut

A short cut for the body, head left full, and tail will include a trim with a pom-pom end. We will ask your specific taste of each part of the body as some owners don't like the puffy tail.